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AGU to take part at Arab Second Water Forum

The Arabian Gulf University (AGU) will take part at the Arab Second Water Forum due to be held on 20th to 23rd of this month titled ''living with water shortages."

Dr. Walid Khalil Zubari, a professor of water resources and dean of the Graduate School at AGU will discuss in the two – day forum the Water crisis in the Arab world and the role of the International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO and how to control water in the Arab nations.

The Forum will also discuss International conventions and laws governing the joint water in particular the issue of water in Palestine, Jordan and Israel on the acquisition of Arab water as well as the issue of shared water in Tigris and Euphrates among Turkey, Syria and Iraq and other issues related to water in the Arab region.

Bahrain News Agency - 20, Nov 2011

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National Iraqi News Agency Aswat Al Iraq