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Service and cultivation of okra
Publisher: Horticulture Research Institute, Research Institute of Plant Pathology, Institute of Plant Protection Research IE PDF Publication
Author: Dr.Safaa Zaki Hegazy,Dr.Yahya Khafagy,Dr.Safwat Azmy Dos
Bulletin No.: 692/2001


Okra crops family Marshmallows are grown for green horns which are used either cooked or dried, canned or frozen in some countries used for centuries as a substitute for okra coffee - as well as Istkhas from the stems of okra pods and mature fibers used in papermaking. The okra of vegetables rich Balripovlamin as well as niacin, calcium, they contain 0.06 mg, 0.09 mg to 0.82 mg per 100 g fresh weight, respectively. And medium-sized content of protein, carbohydrates, phosphorus, ascorbic acid and vitamin (a). They contain small amounts of dissolved solids, therefore, interest in this crop and solving its problems is of utmost importance for the development and advancement of Bamadaafath must also follow the technical recommendations in all stages of growth, such as the selection of items of high quality and taking into account the rates of fertilization and irrigation and a means of preventive and curative for lesions in a timely manner.


The following are the varieties which succeed okra cultivation in Egypt:

Gold Coast:
Plant height of up to 2 meters - the centuries round ribbed - Color century green ovary - the proportion of fiber high Horn of good marketing is up to 9 g / 100 g dry weight as well as the high viscosity of horns up to 20.7 g / cm 2 per second - High productivity - are flowering, and the contract after about 70 days From agriculture.
Hvayt Flfyt:
This product is known as the six Swaba and grown in the north coast of Egypt - a round-centuries long and high - to smooth diet - lush green white - with a large seed size in the Horn of good marketing plant height up to 130 cm, but almost a bumper crop.
Kelmson Ospainls:
Plants medium length of up to 95 cm - Ages ribbed long green - free of thorns - the proportion of fiber-century good for marketing as low as 4.5 g / 100 g dry weight, and Hosnf early is flowering and the contract after 58 days of Agriculture - Plant a powerful - yield per plant 250 grams of Centuries safe for marketing.

1 - Municipal term:
Long leg to reach a height of 2 meters - the centuries by the long bulge in the middle - the thorns of the ribbed dark green - high in fiber - the forces of growth and production of copious - but get diseases and pests is high.
2 - municipal short:
Leg shorter than the strain of the former reaches a height of 135 meters - horns short repressive form polygonal - the thorns green color - the percentage of fiber Horn of good marketing to 8 g / 100 g dry weight - are Alizharwalakd after about 71 days from sowing - is characterized by its growth forces - and a bumper crop where up crop plant to 392 grams of the centuries of good marketing and although it gets pests. Ismaily: This strain is characterized by its horns with the color green, which was tainted by red - the centuries repressive form polygonal with a small percentage of thorns - the proportion of fiber in the Horn of good marketing up to 5.8 g / 100 g dry weight - up leg length to 110 cm by the thorns - flowering, and the contract after 56 days from agriculture - crop up plant to 182 g / 100 g dry weight. Hybrid hectic (1): up plant height to 130 cm - Century green-streaked red - a polygon shape free from the thorns - with a low percentage of fiber 3.6 g / 100 g dry weight - is characterized by to the early flowering (49 days from sowing) harvest a bumper crop up plant centuries of good marketing to 375 g - resistant to disease. Hybrid estrous (2): up plant height to 122 cm - leg free of thorns - the color of the century dark green streaked reddish - polygon format - free of thorns - and the ground texture to some extent - the proportion of fiber-century low as 3.4 g / 100 g dry weight, century is also characterized by good marketing by the high proportion of carbohydrates is up to 13.2 g / dry weight - up crop plant from the centuries of good marketing to 281 grams - features also to the early flowering 54 days of cultivation.

The okra of summer crops where you need to season the growth of long warm where germinate seeds in a temperature range of 21-35 degrees Celsius does not germinate in less than 15 degrees Celsius higher than 40 degrees Celsius and can accelerate the germination of seeds in cold weather Bnqaha in water for a period of not less than Comerha then 8 hours in a warm place for a period of not less than 24 hours before planting taking into account not increase the duration of soaking and composting for necessary so as not to damage the seeds and shells Altlsin. Can also speed up germination in the cold soak solution Albdhurvy polyethylene glycol 400 gm (PEG8000) / liter for 12 hours and then wash under running water until the effects of this material remains of the seed before planting. The plant growth area of thermal Villaimh 25-350 degrees Celsius and high temperature lead over the centuries into cirrhosis and the lack of crop - The cold weather leads to poor flowering and fruiting, and warp the centuries. Some varieties of okra are sensitive to the light and some are not sensitive - may fail in the completion of the floral buds grow when increasing the length of daylight for 11 hours in certain items.

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